March 16, 2017

Whizz…Snap! The Frisbee flew through the air… and was caught. 



Welcome one and all to a short recount of my very first tournament. We had to get up very early, for the tournament was up in Stoke. We arrived at around 9:30 to meet the other members of our team, and all the other teams. It was pretty amazing to see the extreme skill and dedication to the sport from all players. It was a great learning experience, win or lose, although sadly we didn’t win any matches, but hey, we won the spirit award. In addition to the spirit award, we were undefeated in the extra games we played outside. They were the real prize. We played a wide variety of games. Our game was Angry Boris. It’s basically Angry birds but you’ve got a disc instead of birds and the other team places five of their people around Boris the boar (our team mascot) to stop us knocking him over. The team who are throwing have to hit the people, and if you get hit you’re out. And, by the way, you only get five shots, so someone has to hit two people. Anyway we did really well and that’s cool. So before ending this, I dearly hope that we will do more tournaments in the near future, it was totally worth going and I’d love to do it again. But for now I guess that’s goodbye. 

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