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Captain's Blog - Glastonbury 2014

On 6th and 7th September 2014 we went went to our inaugural outdoor tournament at the foot of the Tor monument in Glastonbury. The scene as we arrived was of 6 simultanious games of ultimate, under a sunny sky on lush green grass. If there was a UK Ultimate Mecca, this was it. Saturday was tough. We tried our best, but lost our first game to Kent - a friendly but well resourced team - they had well over 20 players. Stand out moment for me was when Irish Dave was given a new nickname by Kent.... "The Beast" - namely for his huge defence moves. Second game we had much more disc time and got some points on the board, thanks to Liam :-) We played our signature call (mini-game after the Ultimate match has finished) - Angry Boars! Third game of Saturday Jim managed to join us and we started linking up some plays and scored 3!


Saturday night was really fun - mainly invoving a long game of Flip Cup e.g. Sunday morning was a little hazy for me (too much flip cup the night before)... but I do remember we won the first game. oh yeah! Having Rich was a big help - he just gets everywhere! Second and third games we became relaxed and truly enjoyed just playing our game. We really gelled as a team on and off the pitch. Roll on Glastonbury 2015


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