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Double Spirit award for DUF

This year we entered both the beginners and open division which took place again at the very impressive Alan Higgs Centre in Coventry. Saturday was the beginners day with DUF fielding a very young side with five players all under the age of 15. The competition was tough with a majority of developers rather than beginners competing but this didn't faze our young duffers who although came away with the spoon, had no bagels won one game, everyone scored and to cap it off won the spirit award for the second year running. Team MVP went to Jacob with Matt given MIP. Well done Jon, Steve, Stan, Jacob, Lily, Nick, Sarah, Tom and Matt.

Sunday was the open day where we took a more experinced squad alongside the younger legs of Jacob and Lilly-Rose. Again DUF came away with the spirit award finishing 15th overall. Team MVP was awarded to Rob Reeves. It was a fantastic weekend with lots of positives to take away. DUF Founder Jon Powell added “Since inception we have played in 6 tournaments and won 4 spirit awards. That says a lot about our team and attitude. I am very proud of all of you- fun, friendly and spirited players.”

Open Team:

Jon Powell

Stan Matthews

Lily-Rose Matthews

James English

Jacob English

Rob Reeves

Stephen Newton

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