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AWOL 2014 - 2 day tournament indoor

Wow, AWOL was fantastic! its great to play against so many different people! This is my 5th tournament and for me this is one of the hardest I played in! On Saturday we had 5 people from our team come up (including me, Stan matthews, Jacob English, Steve Newton and Rob Reeves) and some extra help from Craig Redmond and Gregg Mann who were very helpfull as we would have been exhausted without them! On sunday we had lots more of our team come down including: Nick and Sarah James our Coach Jim Rudge and Jules and Will Hardwick! This was brill as i didnt get tired as quick!! most teams commenting on Myself, Jake, Sarah and Will! It really helps my confidence as i would love to join GB when i am older, Jacob also! I partically enjoyed playing Unleashed and Stuft as they made me work hard for space and the disc which i think was rather good! Finally at the end we won the bowl trophy and spirit award for the 4th time this year so we are very pleased!!

Lily-Rose Matthews

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