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Ultimate Frisbee is a fun unisex, fast moving, high intensity, non-contact sport usually described as a cross between American football and netball. However Ultimate has some unique features of its own that sets it apart from other sports. It is played with a flying disc or Frisbee and is totally self officiated. Players make their own calls on fouls and are encouraged to settle disputes quickly as laid out in the rules of Ultimate this is sometimes refered to ‘Spirit of the Game’.


You can't move while holding the disc and points are scored by progressing up the pitch by passing it between your team-mates and making a successful pass to one of your teamates within your opponent’s endzone.

Your opponent’s will try stopping this by the means of interception and tactical marking called forcing.

The pitch is 100m long and the sport is non-contact.



The main objective is to catch the disc in the end-zone by passing the disc to progress up the field.

  • You cannot walk or run with the disc.

  • Points are scored when the disc is caught inside the end-zone.

  • If the disc hits the ground, regardless of who touches it last, the other team gain possession.

  • The disc can also be intercepted or caught outside the pitch to cause a turnover of possession.

  • The teams change ends after each point.

  • Play resumes by the scoring team from the previous point 'pulling' the disc to their opposition.

  • Unlimited rolling substitutes can be made at the end of each point.


Ultimate is played on grass, sand or indoors. We currently have a mixed men and women’s team. Juniors over 11 are welcome too but must be accompanied by a playing adult. We can give you the chance to attend tournaments all over the UK.

Still unsure? Check out if you want to see what all the fuss is about, or just type in Ultimate Frisbee in youtube where you will find hundreds of videos of live action.

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